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canyonranch      WHERE IT BEGAN

When my mom brought me to Canyon Ranch in the spring of 1992, I had no idea what an impact that trip would have on my life.   As I sit here 14 ½ years later composing my very first Mind Body Spirit Network blog post, I am filled with gratitude for my mom who helped me find the path that I am now on.

To catch you up a bit, that first visit to a destination spa came at a time of very high stress in my life.  I had two young children, a fairly demanding career, a husband, family, friends and big world that all deserved my attention.  It was during those four days that I came to a conscious realization of the life balance I so needed.  As a self-proclaimed perfectionist and people-pleaser, so much of my energy was focused on pursuing the unobtainable and, frankly, undesirable need to “be the best.”  That first visit to Canyon Ranch helped me begin to see that being perfect and pleasing everyone were not the be all and end all.

That began a nine-year tradition of visits to Lenox with mom until she passed away much too young in March 2000.  I still consider “balance” to be a critical part of my life.  Ask my kids what my tattoo (should I go crazy and decide to get one!) will be . . . they all know it is the Sanskrit word for balance. Happily I’ve also let go a little bit of the “P words!”

And through the Mind Body Spirit Network I hope to help others explore, grow and relax through events and wellness travel experiences designed to focus on what really matters – expanding the wellness of mind, body, spirit and community.  Thanks for joining me on this journey.


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