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What I found today . . .

Searching for an envelope this morning, I came across a small yellow pad.  The title on the first sheet caught my eye: “List of Stressors.” I recognized it from my first visit to the Golden Door in August 2009, where I attended a session with the inspiring Annharriet Buck.


What was almost as surprising as finding these notes  was the actual content and how I feel about it now that I’m much more the “master of my own destiny.”  My three stressors were (1) high expectations (2) trying to do it all/ have it all and (3) putting pressure on myself.  Today, I am struck by a deep feeling of gratitude that I no longer feel that these are stress factors in my life.  I am equally grateful that I’ve had access to amazing places like the Golden Door where I’ve been able to examine my life and priorities to move myself to where I am now.

Another note I jotted on the yellow pad is a word: Equanimity.  I recorded the definition, and I’m glad I did because it resonates deeply for me now.  Here’s what I wrote:

  • Quality of remaining calm or undisturbed
  • Evenness of mind or temper
  • Composure

What a lovely state to be in!  #equanimity #goldendoor #ilovemyjob #innerwisdom #wellnesstravel


Written by MBSN