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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Guatemala SF w eggs on head

The first time I heard this phrase was several years ago at a women’s retreat. I knew it would become one of my favorites.  In light of demands and fast pace of life, it’s not easy to think about doing new things for yourself. But I’ve found that keeping myself in the equation and fostering a spirit of adventure has made me a better person in many ways.

I really took this phrase to heart two years ago, when I began to create my Mind Body Spirit Network wellness journeys.  With a strong passion for wellness and travel, I wanted to find a way to combine meaningful cultural experiences, outstanding healthful food, indigenous healing ceremonies, spa treatments, and volunteering in exotic, fascinating locales.

After 30 years of corporate life, starting my own business was a big “first time” experience for me.  I recalled some of the things I’d learned from amazing women I’ve met along this path, one of whom was Joan Lunden.  Through my former role as Chief Operating Officer at SpaFinder, I had worked with Joan a few times on Camp Reveille (a career highlight!).  Reveille truly was a wake- up call for me. I put the motivation and inspiration I felt at Reveille into creating Mind Body Spirit wellness journeys.

So, if you ask yourself when was the last time you did something for the first time? If you’ve never:

  1. Been to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a truly charming place to discover
  2. Experienced the “Day of the Dead” celebration of life
  3. Had an authentic temazcal
  4. Taken a cooking class on the rooftop of the Rosewood Hotel with Executive Chef Victor Flora
  5. Hiked the Pre-Aztec pyramids of Teotihuican
  6. Visited the picturesque UNESCO world heritage colonial city, Guanajuato
  7. Volunteered at the local non-profit Casa de Los Angeles that helps single Mexican women by providing free day care and food to deserving children

. . . then please consider joining us this October 30th for our “Day of the Dead – A Feast for the Senses” Wellness Journey.  We would love to share this journey with you.

For more information, please contact Sallie Fraenkel, sallie@mindbodyspiritnet.com

Oct 30 – Nov 5, 2016

Written by MBSN